Control invited Pac-Man creator Toru Iwatani to come and speak at a conference in The Netherlands. On a bus trip during his visit, he pulled out an innocent looking folder. Innocent, it was not. The folder contained the original sketches for his revolutionary game. A Dutch government official had the wits to quickly use the camera in her hands. As it turned out, this is the very first photograph of these sketches. Inspiring, aren’t they?

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  • Mohamed

    Although Pac-Man made his debut in 1980, it wasn’t until Presidents Day weekend, 1982 when I was first inuedotcrd to Pac-Man! Obviously I was not into arcade/video games prior to then! Anyway, I was on a ski trip in the Pocono Mountains (Pennsylvania) with my church’s high school youth group, and the hotel we stayed at had a small arcade which of coarse, had Pac-Man! After watching several kids play and giving it a try myself, I right away became a fan of Pac-Man! I’ve always loved that catchy tune at the beginning of the game! Coincidentally, just a few days after returning home from the ski trip, I was up in my bedroom listening to the radio, when I first heard Buckner and Garcia’s Pac-Man Fever! It seemed that Pac-Man peaked in popularity in 1982. It was then that the Atari 2600 version of Pac-Man was released, along with several hand-held/tabletop versions. At one point, almost everywhere you looked you saw something with Pac-Man on it t-shirts, mugs, towels, watches, cereal, ice cream/popsicles, candy, among countless other items! For Christmas 1982, I got one of those tabletop Coleco Pac-Man games!