What on earth is a Micro Mortem?!

Micro Mortem • noun
[mahy-kroh mawr-tuh m]
1. an evaluation of one particular aspect of a game or its development in 500 words
Ex.: “Have you read the Micro Mortem on the Character of Journey?”

We all like post mortems. A lot. They provide unique insights into the creative process, problem solving and even eureka moments of other developers.

However, most post mortems tend to be longreads. Very – long – reads. And sometimes that’s exactly what we need, what we want. But not always. Sometimes we want to be inspired by a short anecdote, a clever solution or a spark of inspiration. That’s what Control500 is all about.

We take one aspect of a game and describe its creation. In a maximum of 500 words –hence the 500 in the title. We call these articles Micro Mortems.

(Yes, we know, technically that means sometime like a ‘miniature death’, but choose to ignore that.)

Micro mortems are ‘short reads’, 500 words on a single subject.

Can I submit a Micro Mortem?

Oh, yes you can! We encourage developers to do so. Please hop over to this page to see how submitting your Micro Mortem works.

Who’s behind Control500?

The same people that started Control Magazine, the on- and offline publication on game development (you may have seen us at a GDC you attended). Control has been around since 2007 and since a couple of years, we also host the yearly Control Conference –near Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We’ve had speakers from studios like Naughty Dog, BioWare, Bungie, Vlambeer, Guerrilla Games and many, many more.

Besides publications and events, we run a job board which is dedicated to the gamesindustry. It garnered  lot of popularity in the Low Countries since its launch five years ago. Recently we opened it up to more international job postings.

If you’re interested, you can read our latest issue online by clicking on the cover in the footer of this page.

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