SteamSpy’s analysis of the Indiepocalypse: ‘It’s nothing new’ (VIDEO)

SteamSpy founder Sergey Galyonkin uses fresh and existing data to analyse whether or not the ‘Indiepocalypse is nigh’. ( Rami Ismail’s talk Galyonkin is referring to sits here. )

[ Welcome to Control500, the website introducing Micro Mortems: short and sweet development stories. Read some of the best from The Witcher 3 (design), The Last of Us (art), Assassin’s Creed IV: Freedom Cry (music) and the Mass Effect-trilogy (art). ]

This is a Control Conference 2015 talk.

Matthijs Dierckx
Matthijs Dierckx
Dierckx is Composer and Marketing Lead on roguelite cult hit Unexplored and two undisclosed projects. He is co-creator of Android puzzle hit Sumico, the numbers game. Dierckx is the former Publisher and Founder of Control Magazine, Control Conference and and writes about games on an irregular basis.

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