5 Alternatives to a Game Design Doc And 3 More Devblog Posts

1. Gravity Ghost: 5 Alternatives to a Game Design Doc

Erin Robinson is talking about 5 ways you can communicate your vision without resorting to long blocks of text.

The most well-known way to describe a game’s systems is by writing a Game Design Document. But I much prefer to work visually, so here are 5 ways you can communicate your vision without resorting to long blocks of text.

Read post here: livelyivy.com/gravityghost-com/5-alternatives…

2. Paladin Studios: The 8-Step Guide To Interface Design for iPhone Games

So, here is the 8-step guide to interaction design for iOS and Android games — from Paladin Studios.

We have recently redesigned the entire interface for our upcoming game, because we realized the user experience simply did not work as we intended. There was too much information on-screen at one time, and without a clear focus, people did not understand what they were looking at. People looked at the screen for about 1 second, then clicked on the “Next” button and started the next level. In other words: The interface simply did not do its job.

Read post  here: http://www.paladinstudios.com/2012/04/23/the-8-step-guide-to-interface-design-for-iphone-games/?t=The+8-Step+Guide+To+Interface+Design+for+iPhone+Games 

3. Indiean Food

If you have cravings for indie games:

Sure Indie Devs make awesome games but they can also cook up a storm. This blog aims to share their recipes. Play some games. Eat some food.

Submit your recipe to [email protected] and check the recipes here Indieanfood.tumblr.com.

4. Orange Pixel: Project Outlands: Beacons

Project Outlands started at very rainy and dark weekend. The idea of this project is to create a simple, over the top, action game.

Tinkering more with the gameplay, and as mentioned before I just play the current code A LOT and like when you did when you were kids, you make up your own rules. So I quickly noticed that I spend most of my game time on the higher area and sort of “Defend” it from the attacking enemies.

Follow project Outlands here:  http://techblog.orangepixel.net/

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