And You Thought There Are Too Many Shooters Already — Wait For 7DFPS

There are WAY too many First Person Shooters under development right now. The solution? Make even MORE shooters. Sounds silly? It isn’t. It’s the first ever 7DFPS — making an FPS in 7 days.

“First Persoon Shooters could be so much more”, according to indie dev Jan Willem Nijman (half of indie duo Vlambeer, we’re still not sure if he’s the ‘Vlam’ or the ‘Beer’). “We want to revitalize the genre.”

So, Nijman came up with this sort-of-a-gamejam idea, partly based on 7DRL. The goal: having people all around the world develop an FPS in a week and share it with the world. “It’s not so much a competition as it is a challenge. Hopefully the pressure and timeframe will make people come up with new, original ideas. 7DFPS could do more for creativity in shooters than the past 7 years combined.”

But, didn’t Nijman just release an FPS himself? GunGodz, the Wolfenstein-like gangsta rap-shooter? Didn’t that game revitalize the genre in any way? “Eh… well. Not many people were able to play that game. It’s still exclusive for backers of Brandon Boyer’s Venus Patrol Kickstarter-project. But this will soon change…”

Having witnessed Nijman and his partner Rami Ismail struggling with the development of GunGodz for far more than seven days, we wonder, what can possibly be achieved in that short timeframe? “First of all: this couldn’t be done a couple of years ago. Thanks to a great many new 3D engines, FPS development is now accessible to many more people. The 7DFPS-games won’t be million sellers, they will ooze with creativity.”

Participants are encouraged to post their progress and results to the website & on Twitter using  #7DFPS, the official event hashtag.
7DFPS Website:

Oh, here’s the date: June 9th – 15th.

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