Awesomenauts WILL launch this week, despite publisher problems

Good news! Ronimo Games’ PSN & XBLA-title Awesomenauts WILL launch this week as planned. Publisher dtp entertainment might be in big financial trouble, but somehow that won’t prevent the game from lifting off. However, the studio has no clue whether or not they will get any revenues from the game after launch. That actually seems uncertain, chances are they’ll ‘just be’ one of many creditors — and all of them will have to wait in line.

Anyway, leaving financial questions behind for now, for a studio there is no greater moment than the launch a game they worked a couple of years on. Go and checkout Awesomenauts as soon as it hits PSN and XBLA this week.

Matthijs Dierckx
Matthijs Dierckx
Dierckx is Composer and Marketing Lead on roguelite cult hit Unexplored and two undisclosed projects. He is co-creator of Android puzzle hit Sumico, the numbers game. Dierckx is the former Publisher and Founder of Control Magazine, Control Conference and and writes about games on an irregular basis.

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