Devblog Posts of the Day (2)

1. Might And Delight: The Evolution of Pid! (video)

Pid is a platform game that will turn everything you know about 2D gameplay upside down. You play as a young boy that gets stranded on an old remote planet. He must fight off a variety of malicious robots bent on stopping him and befriend unlikely allies to shed light on a huge conspiracy that keeps the planet mesmerized and prevents him from ever reaching home.

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2. Bezzy: DeadZones

Dealing with deadzones is so straightforward in practice that no-one really ends up talking about the subtleties.
Bezzy is talking about an interesting take on the subject.

[epic_box style=”” color=”” customcolor=”#666″ align=”” size=”box_full” margin=”none” customsize=”” shadow=”on” corners=”on”]We’re now making the most of the useful range of inputs from the controller, cutting off the noisy extremities of input. At this point, I feel like we’re at the “good enough” point for most games which need analogue input.


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3. Arvi “Hempuli”: Teikari makes the most wonderful .gifs

We are very lucky that the creator of the prettiest work in progress lo-fi metroidvania around posts so many wonderful animated screenshots of his beautiful game. We recommend scrolling through the blog and checking them all out.

See his work here

4. Vlambeer: We’re Back At It!

Vlambeer is finally back on the internet, after a period of radio silence. They’ve been up to a lot of stuff.

[epic_box style=”” color=”” customcolor=”#666″ align=”” size=”box_full” margin=”none” customsize=”” shadow=”on” corners=”on”]
Things have been quiet from our end for the last month – but we can assure you that we’ve been at it and doing (& preparing) some really cool things.

We also presented at the Experimental Gameplay Sessions, where Rami discussed GlitchHiker. We had a camera crew from Vox Games following us around. Most importantly, we met up with a lot of old friends and met a lot of new ones. We did a lot of interviews, negotiated about a lot of things and from our Ridiculous Fishing IGF Booth, we released a game we first showed at Fantastic Arcade last year – Yeti Hunter. It’s free for PC, so grab it if you feel like hunting Yetis.


Read their update here

5. Mr Qwak: Ooops! Where Did Retro Racing Go?

Yikes! Having big success and then suddenly… boom – it’s gone! You’re game has disappeared from the App Store. It happens. Here’s how.

[epic_box style=”” color=”” customcolor=”#666″ align=”” size=”box_full” margin=”none” customsize=”” shadow=”on” corners=”on”]

Today started out great! My game had a mini-review in a national newspaper (The Sun) and was racing back up the charts. Then, suddenly, things started to go down hill, in a big way.

As of now, Retro Racing is no longer available on the AppStore…

Retro Racing had around 44,000 downloads in one month. I never knew that kind of success before, and can’t begin to tell you how pleased I was. Making good money, doing something I totally love.

So what went wrong?

I recently migrated my iOS developer account from a personal to a business account. This involved setting up new banking info; and for whatever reason, this transition has not gone smoothly. I now have no contract in place to sell paid iOS apps on the AppStore. Hence, my game is no longer available for download.


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