GDC 2013 • Great art: Mattis “BomuBoy” Grahm

During GDC 2013 special reporters Kitty Calis and Jan Willem Nijman will try to find out where great things come from. Artists, developers, designers and musicians are all asked one simple question: “What does it take to make something great?”

Mattis ‘BomuBoi’ Grahm is the second artist hired by Mojang to work on Scrolls.

How do you make great art?

Shower, cry
Copy other art that you like.
Go to work, try your best.
Go home, shower, cry.
And… work on your gestures and construction.

Effects drawing animation: All effects will look smooth if you focus on letting the animation fade out properly.

And… Help me bring 2D animation back into games. Please.
And please be more productive than me. Please

Oh and 3D people, start thinking about how the final image looks and not the shading of individual detail!


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