GDC 2013 • Great games: Beau Blyth

During GDC 2013 special reporters Kitty Calis and Jan Willem Nijman will try to find out where great things come from. Artists, developers, designers and musicians are all asked one simple question: “What does it take to make something great?”

Californian game designer Beau “Teknopants” Blyth‘s work includes action games like IGF nominated Samurai Gunn and many more such as 0SpaceShoot First, Action Fist, Fish Face, Armed Generator Doom Machine and Das Uberleben.

How do you make great games?

Think about something cool.

Something cool

Then tweak the mechanics for a really, really long time.
Get people to play it early and often.
Don’t add too many things, make things that exist.
Work and feel better. Make everything interact with everything else.
Have a visible cue for everything. Then I’ll testplay it.

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