GDC 2013 • Great games: Bennett Foddy

Day 3 of our GDC 2013 special report. Kitty Calis and Jan Willem Nijman (Vlambeer) want to know: “What does it take to make something great?”

You could call Bennet Foddy somewhat of a superstar. He is a professor of philosophy, ex-member of Cut Copy and now makes hard-to-play physics based games such as QWOP, GIRP, Pole Riders, Too Many Ninjas and CLOP.

How do you make great games?

1.) Think up an activity on the computer that will still be interesting even if the computer is broken or switched off.
2.) Rapidly prototype your game with placeholder art and barely-functional code.
3.) You are done. Step away from the computer.
4.) Now you are also rich and famous. Bear in mind you are now a role model to your peers, it’s a lot of responsibility.

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