GDC 2013 • Great music: Adam “doseone” Drucker

During GDC 2013 special reporters Kitty Calis and Jan Willem Nijman will try to find out where great things come from. Artists, developers, designers and musicians are all asked one simple question: “What does it take to make something great?”

Adam “doseone” Drucker is an American rapper, producer, poet and artist. He is a co-founder of the indie hip hop record label Anticon. Worked his way into games by doing sound effects and raps for GUN GODZ.

How do you make great music?

1.) Don’t copy.
2.) Copy.
3.) Don’t listen to too many peoples advice on how to create things. It will only in general cloud your ability to naturally understand/hone your own creativity.
4.) Try to keep economies of music seperate from your music.
5.) Make friends who inspire/impress you.
6.) Make.
7.) NO ARMY.



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