Making people communicate with Tied Together

Tied Together is a local multiplayer party game where two to four players are tied together by a rope. This requires all players to coordinate and communicate. A simple jump obstacle can prove difficult if one of the players does not jump together with the rest. This has been the focus of our game: coordination.

Because of the rope people are dependent on each other which means that if someone wants to go somewhere in the level the rest has to follow. It also means that if someone falls into the spikes most likely everybody will fall into the spikes. The only way to complete a level is by working together. Each mechanic, puzzle and level has been designed to force people to communicate. This encourages people to discuss the possible solutions and when a group is playing you always see some kind of leader emerging who is calling the shots.

Communicate clearly

Each puzzle has been designed to force players to talk to each other. The rope and the level play a crucial role. Let’s take a look at the scenario below.

As you can see there are two keys located at the lowest and the highest point of the level. We have four players who have been given a random place on the rope. There is a player on each end of the rope and there are two players in the middle. The only way to solve this is by making sure one of the players at the end of the rope is underneath the platform and the rest is on top of it.

The situation as it is pictured above is not going to work out so people have to communicate clearly and tell each other where to go to be able grab both keys. When they do it right, you will get a situation as is pictured below. The players can pick up both keys and the level can be completed.

Luuk Waarbroek
Luuk Waarbroek
Luuk Waarbroek started in the game industry with creating big Unreal engine mods. He is now the jack-of-all-trades for Napalmtree, and he teaches game development.

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