DTP Entertainment In Trouble, Awesomenauts Might Not Lift Off

Worst-possible-timing: three days before the launch of their new game Awesomenauts, Dutch devs Ronimo Games see their publisher enter the first stage of a possible bankruptcy.

Currently dtp entertainment ag is under the protection of the German equivalent of Automatic Stay. This could save the company, but chances are this is a major step towards a full bankruptcy for the German publisher of the Game of Thrones RPG.

For Ronimo Games, of De Blob and Swords & Soldiers fame, it is particularly painful being just a couple of days away from the worldwide launch of their PSN and XBLA title Awesomenauts. For the Utrecht, The Netherlands based studio the next few days will be nerve wrecking, but for a whole different reason as anticipated.

We will be updating this story as soon as we know more.

(Via Gamonainsolvenzbekanntmachungen.de)

Matthijs Dierckx
Matthijs Dierckx
Dierckx is Composer and Marketing Lead on roguelite cult hit Unexplored and two undisclosed projects. He is co-creator of Android puzzle hit Sumico, the numbers game. Dierckx is the former Publisher and Founder of Control Magazine, Control Conference and Control500.com and writes about games on an irregular basis.

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