Secret game spawns ‘career’ in game music

That didn’t take long. Less than a day after Awesomenauts launched on Steam, some clever gamers found the secret game that Ronimo had hidden somewhere in the files. It’s called Roflnauts and was originally made by Super Crate Box-designer Jan Willem Nijman and pixel artist Paul Veer as an elaborate gift for Ronimo Games. It even has its own soundtrack: an 8-bit cacophony by Bits_Beats.

“Bits_Beats? Never heard of!” — you say? Hardly surprising, since this little secret game is the début of this composer duo.

Vincent Spitters of Bits_Beats explains: “One day I skipped school and got a phone call. Somebody asked me if  I wanted to come over and jam with Jan Willem and Paul. The result of that: Roflnauts. After that game I decided I wanted to do more music and FX for games because it’s a different way of working.”

It obviously didn’t end there. “Currently I am working on a remix for Paul Veer’s sonic remix album and a remix for Kozilek‘s upcoming release. Hit me up if you want to do music things or just drink beer and talk trash.”

Profile Bits_Beats

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