Crap! I’m Broke: Using Real-Life Experiences as Inspiration

Being broke and desperate for money isn’t the most enjoyable experience a person can have. Yet here at Arcane Circus we took this all...

Creating Realistic Fun in Stable Orbit

In my upcoming game, Stable Orbit, the player is asked to build and maintain the successor to the ISS which, in the fiction of...

Cleaning Up Clustertruck

tinyBuild did the console port for Landfall Games' ClusterTruck; a game game that depends on one or two hundred RigidBodys, MeshColliders and RayCasts behaving correctly at...

Letters from the 19th century. A $300 worldwide marketing campaign

We tried to solve the problem of ‘unreachable’ press and content creators by sending them physical letters from the 19th century to promote the...

Fixing the DISC ROOM design

DISC ROOM is a small game by Kitty Calis, Doseone and myself. It recently released exclusively for the August Humble Monthly Bundle. With DISC ROOM we...

A Handcrafted Feel: ‘Unexplored’ Explores Cyclic Dungeon Generation

Stop creating branching paths, start using cyclic dungeon generation. Your levels will feel so much more hand crafted.

VR Dioramas: The Illusionist’s Way of Telling Stories

Virtual Reality forced me to rethink what a game is or what I want a game to be.

Animated Cover: Better Game Design Using the Scientific Method

In my experience, players tend to do what is statistically the most efficient, regardless of how fun it is. I have done research on a...

Dimension Drive Puts Two Vertical Shooters On A Horizontal Screen

Dimension Drive is a split screen game for a single player. Game designer David Jimenez explains how putting two games next to each other opens up a world of possibilities.

Using Autobiographical Data to Encrypt Save Games

When you make an autobiographical game, every detail should be genuine. Even the encryption of the save data.

From Cardiac Arrest to Cat Success — Remarkable Story About a Game With Famous Cats (VIDEO)

Herdjie Zhou explains how he almost died, but didn't, and then decided to make a game with famous cats. It makes sense, just listen to him.

What A Difference A Hat Makes in Boss 101

Do you have something in your game you can expand on and give your player's a better experience? Maybe it is a matter of...